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Prevent Weeds Now!

With the cool fall weather upon us it is time to begin thinking of preparing the lawn for the winter months.  An integral part of our acworth lawn care program is properly timed pre-emergent applications to prevent cool season weeds such as Poa Annua, Henbit, and chickweed.   Poa Annua is the main weed you want to prevent this winter because if given a chance to germinate it can be very tough to get rid of in the spring, and can be very unsightly. Give us a call for a free quote on getting this important application done before the window of opportunity closes for the pre-emergent application.   Our Acworth Lawn Care program consists of 7 carefully timed applications throughout the year to keep weeds down to the bare minimum and keep your lawn healthy.  Give us a call today to get on the program and start making a difference in your lawn care this year.

Lawn Care Acworth Ga - Fireweed

Weed ID – Fireweed

A common weed to see in the lawn in Acworth, Ga in mid to late spring is Fireweed.  Fireweed is a quick growing weed that may seem like a huge threat at first because it can pop up in a short amount

Lawn Care Acworth Ga - Fireweed


of time and in great numbers, However this is a very easy to eliminate weed.   As a part of our Acworth, Ga lawn care program we monitor and treat as needed for Fireweed as well as other broadleaf type of weeds.  Unfortunately Fireweed is one of those weeds that the the Pre-Emergent applications applied in Fall and early spring normally will not usually prevent, due to the fact that Fireweed is able to grow above the pre-emergent barrier and in the thatch layer.   To help minimize Fireweed in the lawn we recommend mowing weekly during the growing season.   Fireweed is unable to root well in lawns.. Between regular weekly mowings and summer heat this weed is a short lived problem.  The summer heat usually will burn it out pretty quick.  For our current Acworth, Ga Lawn Care customers we monitor and treat for Fireweed and other broadleaf weeds with each visit.

Fescue Lawn Care Acworth Ga

Fescue Lawn Care Tips for Acworth GA

Fescue grass is an excellent choice for properties that do not get a great deal of sun. Fescue lawns area  cool season grass that will look good most of the year during the cooler months, but will decline in the summer months.  Here are a few Maintenance tips to help optimize your fescue lawn care in acworth, ga during the HOT summer months.

Lawn Care Acworth Ga - Fungus

Fescue Lawn in June with Brown Patch Fungus

  • Watering   Watering in the early A.M. hours only is recommended.  Fungus problems in fescue lawns are common during the summer on fescue lawns in acworth ga. Watering in the A.M hours will ensure that the lawn dries out by the evening and minimize chance of disease problems. 1 inch per watering per week is in one longer watering is recommended to promote a deeper root system.
  • Sharpen the mower blade! – You should mow your lawn with only a sharp blade.  A dull blade will shred the grass blades and make the lawn more susceptible to brown patch disease.
  • Mowing Height - During the hot months we recommend raising the height of cut.   3 to 3.5 inches is a good idea.
  • Mowing Frequency – Fescue can slow its growth in the summer months during the hottest times.  Its a good rule of thumb to not remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade per mowing.
  • Identifying a Lawn fungus – There are a few different diseases that can occur in fescue lawns in the Acworth, Ga area.  Things to look out for are Circular Patches, White fungal growth, and lesions on the leaf blades.   Their are many different fungicides treatments available to stop the disease, give us a call if you want to discuss treatment options for disease problems in your lawn.
  • Aeration and Overseeding -  We recommend Aeration and Overseeding each fall to help the lawn recover from stresses of the summer.  We offer this early fall each year and its highly recommended each year for your fescue lawns.

If you have any questions about fescue or any of the stresses that occur in the summer then feel free to get in touch with a professional at  Sharplawns Turf Care.

Lawn Care Acworth Ga

Watering Tips / Identifying Drought Stress

An important aspect of lawn care in acworth ga is making sure the lawn gets enough water throughout the year to maximize the results you will get from our lawn care program.  Its now mid may and after all the rain we have gotten earlier in the year (which at times was to much), we have once again hit a little dry spell.   In absence of rain we recomend atleast 1 inch of watering per week at the minimum to keep things healthy and protect the lawn against drought stress.  This one inch of watering per week may not be enough to get it looking really lush and green, but it will help out very much with the overall health of the lawn and protection from drought stress.

How to Identify Drought Stress in your lawn in Acworth Ga

  • The lawn has  a grayish / bluish color and has that dry look
  • Foot prints stay in the grass after you walk across it
  • Take a screwdriver and try to push it into the ground in various areas. if your having a hard time getting it into the ground, then you need more water.Lawn Care Acworth Ga

How often to Water your lawn in acworth ga

One longer watering per week is better than short waterings spaced out through the week.  short waterings promote a shallow root system and can make the lawn more susceptible to problems later on.  Deep watering is recommend to promote a deeper root system.

How much water at one time?

1 inch of water per watering per week is pretty standard in most cases, however more could be needed based on your location, grass type and time of year.  Using a rain gauge or can to collect and measure the water during irrigation is a good way to determine how much water your irrigation system is putting out in a set amount of time..  If you collect a 1/2 inch of water in 30 minutes then you know you need to water your lawn an hour to get down that one inch of water.


Watering Tips

  • Water in the early morning hours only.  The lawn may not get enough benefit out of a mid day watering, and besides…  watering mid day or in the evening can cause the lawn to stay damp over night which can make the lawn more susceptible to disease issues
  • Longer Infrequent waterings are better than short frequent waterings. You want to promote a deep healthy root system
  • Use a Rain Gauge.  You should also consider the amount of rain we get in a week when planning your watering schedule.  Keeping a rain gauge in the yard and checking periodically can help adjust your watering schedule to fit the needs of your turfgrass.
  • Avoid overwatering.  to much water can essentially drown the lawn.


Acworth Ga Lawn Care - Crabgrass

Just say NO to Crabgrass

I wanted to take some time to once again write a little bit about Crabgrass.  What does it look like?  When does it grow?   This is the time of the year where you shLawn Care Acworth, Ga Crabgrass Controlould be thinking about getting that crabgrass pre-emergent down as a part of an on-going lawn care program to stop weeds from germination.  Crabgrass is often confused with other grassy type of weeds that you will find in the lawn, and will often take on a different appearance in different growing conditions.  Crabgrass is a low growing weed, and multi-stemmed when it reaches the mature stage.  The best time to prevent crabgrass is in the early spring before the soil temps warm up.  Crabgrass will germinate when the soil temperatures reach a consistent 55 Degrees.   Getting your crabgrass Pre-Emergent down before mid march is a good idea to get the best control on this very difficult to control weed.   Have you had a problem with Crabgrass in your lawn in the past?  Our Crabgrass pre-emergent is one of the  most important steps in our Acworth Ga lawn care program, and the window of opportunity to get the treatment down is closing fast.  Controlling crabgrass once its up is much more dificult because it will go to seed fast and it spreads rather quickly.   If your in need of a lawn care service in acworth to help get your lawn straightened out and to avoid a battle with cragrass this summer, then get in touch with us!  Sharplawns Turf Care, LLC  – Acworth Ga Lawn Care (678)497-5093


Prevent Crabgrass Now!

At this time of the year  it is a good idea to apply a pre-emergent application to get a jump on preventing weeds in the spring.  Crabgrass in particular is a weed that is best controlled by preventing it from happening in the first place.  The spring pre-emergent application is an integral part of our Lawn Care program in Acworth, Ga.   Our Crabgrass Pre-Emergent also controls many other broadleaf weeds as well that can also be a problem in the summer.  Preventing weeds at this time of year is a good idea for the over all health of the lawn.  Waiting until they are already emerging is never good because treating weeds in the summer with post emergent products can be tough on the grass in the Acworth, Ga Heat.   So, even though the lawn may be dormant and not growing, there are still important steps that can be taken to get your lawn ready for the summer.

Lawn Care Acworth, Ga - Sharplawns Turf Care, LLC

Lawn Treatment Application Methods

We use a combination of granular and liquid treatments to get the best possible results with our program.  We use the finest liquid pre-emergents and weed controls available as well as high quality granular slow release fertilizers to keep your lawn looking its best throughout the growing season.  Take a look at some of the application methods we use in applying treatments to get the most out of our Lawn Care Treatment Program.

Lawn Care Acworth Ga - Fescue Lawn (Before/After)

Lawn Care Turn around of the week – Acworth, Ga (Fescue Lawn)

Here is another lawn tranformation by Sharplawns. This is another one of our Acworth, Ga Lawn Care customers..

Lawn Care Acworth Ga - Ugly Lawn (Before Picture)

The Problem:  Above is a lawn we took on as a little renovation project back in fall of 2014.  When we first signed up this customer there wasn’t much grass, it was mostly weeds and a combination of warm season grasses as well.     (See Above)


Lawn Care Acworth GA - Fescue Lawn (After Picture)

The Solution: With the amount of shade it was decided that a cool season grass such as Tall Fescue would do much better on this property.  We started out by killing off all the grass/weeds that where there and started this lawn  from scratch with an Aeration and Overseeding using a triple blend of  Tall Fescue Seed.  With the combination of or fertilization / weed control  program and the customers irrigation practices the results came out great.   (See Above)

How our Acworth, GA lawn care treatment works:  Our Acworth Fertilization and Weed Control lawn program is an excellent service that goes hand in hand with good cultural practices.  If your gonna sign up on our services we always highly recommend that you are on top of watering the lawn, and mowing weekly to achieve the best results from the service we provide.  We use a combination of granular and liquid treatments for an equal balance to help your lawn get the most out of our lawn care program.  If you like what you see, and need a little help getting your lawn in tip top shape this year feel free to request an estimate online or give us a call!


DIY Lawn Care – Is it really better to do it yourself?

Today I just want to look at and compare the cost of doing your own Lawn Care Fertilization and Weed Control Vs. Hiring a Professional.    I was out last week and was in one of the large retail stores and was glancing over the lawn care aisle and checking out many different products in stock.  I know many of us like to save money by doing this our self.  I believe that in most cases with the service we provide at Sharplawns that is typically the same cost to have us do it and in some cases even cheaper to just hire us.lawn care acworth ga - crabgrass pre-emergent

What do you need to do it yourself?

So, lets take a look at what you will need..  So its finally spring, you want to get down that pre-emergent and weed control treatment..   A bag of pre-emergent is going to be around $50 if you are going to be taking care of a lawn that is around 1/4 acre.  This does not even cover any weed control to control the weeds that are already up, so atleast $20 more if your gonna get something to spray out of the hose end sprayer.   Now, your gonna have to buy a spreader which can be up to another $50.  So, for a 1/4 yard your already up to $70 in the basic products alone.. and this doesn’t cover anything special to handle any difficult to control weeds.

Applying your products correctly

Now that you got what you need, your gonna have to check out the instructions on the bag.. Calibrate the equipment..  It may be a bit messy..  But, once your done, hopefully you put it down correctly. Timing everything is important as well.  When you hire a professional you know that the treatments are going down correctly and at the right time of year.

Does that come with a guarantee?

So, there is obviously no guarantee with any of the products you buy from the store to put on your lawn, its up to you to put them downLawn Care Acworth Ga correctly at the right time.   If the weeds don’t die, or something doesn’t go right and you aren’t getting the results you need.. you will either have to go back to the store to get more weed control, or end up having to call a service after all.  With Sharplawns turf care program we offer free service calls between every visit.   If a treatment isn’t working as it should, we will come back out and re-apply at no charge if it is needed.  That’s a guarantee you will not get with the products you will get at the store to put out yourself.

So, in conclusion…  if you want to save yourself some money, time and hassle.. Give Sharplawns a call for a free quote.  Click Here to fill out our online estimate request.



Lawn Turn around of the Week – Acworth, GA

This is another transformation of one of our customers who signed up with our lawn care program in Acworth, Ga just this year.


The Problem: We took on this lawn onto our lawn care program in late March of 2014.  As you can see from the above photo, there is very little grass, many weeds and what would appear to be little hope to improve the lawn without new sod.  A lawn like this can always be a problem if your in and HOA with strict guidelines on the appearance of the front of your property. Good thing the customer gave Sharplawns a call. We were able to make a big improvement in the lawn, in a rather reasonable amount of time. (See Above)



The Solution: We started this lawn on our Acworth, Ga Lawn Care Program in late march 2014.  We started with post-emergent weed control, pre-emergent weed control and special blend of slow release high nitrogen fertilizer.  We made a grand total of 6 visits this year since they missed the first treatment. However, as you can see we where able to get it into reasonable shape in 7 months compared to the condition it was in when we started.  The customer above followed our watering and mowing instructions very well.. while the results aren’t perfect, we felt like it was a significant enough transition to share! And… The price for this transformation was under $300. Sounds alot better than paying thousands of dollars for a sod installation! (See Above)

How our Acworth, GA lawn care treatment works: We use a combination of Liquid treatments and Granular treatments to get the best of both worlds to get the best results possible.  We make it a point to use the latest and best products available to get the job done right.  We stress to all our customers starting up with us that the lawn treatments alone isn’t the only thing that will fix a lawn problem.. Proper maintenance and cultural practices go hand and hand with our program which in combination will get us the results we want to see.  With this being said, not only are we using good products and state of the art application techniques to get the products down correctly, we also use our knowledge and experience to keep our customers aware of the proper maintenance and cultural practices that they need to be doing on their end to get the best results from our treatments.  Once you start up with Sharplawns, we aren’t just there to show up to do the work and leave… We are always readily  available and can be reached at anytime if you have any questions or issues with the yard throughout the year.