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Just say NO to Crabgrass

I wanted to take some time to once again write a little bit about Crabgrass.  What does it look like?  When does it grow?   This is the time of the year where you shLawn Care Acworth, Ga Crabgrass Controlould be thinking about getting that crabgrass pre-emergent down as a part of an on-going lawn care program to stop weeds from germination.  Crabgrass is often confused with other grassy type of weeds that you will find in the lawn, and will often take on a different appearance in different growing conditions.  Crabgrass is a low growing weed, and multi-stemmed when it reaches the mature stage.  The best time to prevent crabgrass is in the early spring before the soil temps warm up.  Crabgrass will germinate when the soil temperatures reach a consistent 55 Degrees.   Getting your crabgrass Pre-Emergent down before mid march is a good idea to get the best control on this very difficult to control weed.   Have you had a problem with Crabgrass in your lawn in the past?  Our Crabgrass pre-emergent is one of the  most important steps in our Acworth Ga lawn care program, and the window of opportunity to get the treatment down is closing fast.  Controlling crabgrass once its up is much more dificult because it will go to seed fast and it spreads rather quickly.   If your in need of a lawn care service in acworth to help get your lawn straightened out and to avoid a battle with cragrass this summer, then get in touch with us!  Sharplawns Turf Care, LLC  – Acworth Ga Lawn Care (678)497-5093

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WEED ID – Spotted Spurge

Spotted spurge can be a common broadleaf weed to see during the summer in your lawn. It is a very low growing weed with a shallow root system. Spurge will be found growing in areas with dry, compacted soil.  With the dry weather this year, you may see this pop up in areas of thin turf, where the ground is particularly dry and compacted.  Controlling this weed once it emerges can be quite difficult at times.  Creating a dense healthy stand of grass by properly watering, fertilizing as well as pre-emergent control are the best options for controlling this weed.