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Lawn Treatment Application Methods

We use a combination of granular and liquid treatments to get the best possible results with our program.  We use the finest liquid pre-emergents and weed controls available as well as high quality granular slow release fertilizers to keep your lawn looking its best throughout the growing season.  Take a look at some of the application methods we use in applying treatments to get the most out of our Lawn Care Treatment Program.

Lawn Care Acworth Ga - Fescue Lawn (Before/After)

Lawn Care Turn around of the week – Acworth, Ga (Fescue Lawn)

Here is another lawn tranformation by Sharplawns. This is another one of our Acworth, Ga Lawn Care customers..

Lawn Care Acworth Ga - Ugly Lawn (Before Picture)

The Problem:  Above is a lawn we took on as a little renovation project back in fall of 2014.  When we first signed up this customer there wasn’t much grass, it was mostly weeds and a combination of warm season grasses as well.     (See Above)


Lawn Care Acworth GA - Fescue Lawn (After Picture)

The Solution: With the amount of shade it was decided that a cool season grass such as Tall Fescue would do much better on this property.  We started out by killing off all the grass/weeds that where there and started this lawn  from scratch with an Aeration and Overseeding using a triple blend of  Tall Fescue Seed.  With the combination of or fertilization / weed control  program and the customers irrigation practices the results came out great.   (See Above)

How our Acworth, GA lawn care treatment works:  Our Acworth Fertilization and Weed Control lawn program is an excellent service that goes hand in hand with good cultural practices.  If your gonna sign up on our services we always highly recommend that you are on top of watering the lawn, and mowing weekly to achieve the best results from the service we provide.  We use a combination of granular and liquid treatments for an equal balance to help your lawn get the most out of our lawn care program.  If you like what you see, and need a little help getting your lawn in tip top shape this year feel free to request an estimate online or give us a call!


Lawn Mowing Tip #1 – Mowing to much off at one time.

Proper mowing of the lawn is a good way to ensure the best results from our lawn care program and to help maintain a more green and healthy lawn.  We always recommend to never mow more than 1/3 of the grass blade at one cutting.  On actively growing turf, such as warm season grasses during the summer, it may be required that you mow your lawn every 3 to 5 days or at the  minimum every 7 days for the best cut quality and best appearance.

Why scalping late in the season is bad!

When you remove to much grass off at one time, your essentially “shocking” the lawn, and doing more harm than anything.  During dry times this can be especially hard on the lawn, because it isn’t growing as fast, and the scalped areas may not return for quite some time.  Scalping the lawn late in the season is particularly bad because as the weather cools as we near fall, the grass will slow its growth. Its possible that these “scalped” areas will not recover from this until spring green up…  This can mean a thin lawn all winter,  and thin lawns can be more susceptible to weed infestations.