Core Aeration Acworth Ga

Core aeration is the process of mechanically pulling plugs from the soil to promote a healthier lawn! In need of an Aeration in Acworth, Ga?  Then loook no further than sharplawns…

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Why hire sharplawns to Core Aerate your warm season lawn this spring?

1.  Helps Alleviate Soil Compaction in the clay soil often found in the acworth area.

2. Will Improve Nutrient and Water uptake to the lawns root system.

3. Aeration will help to Break up Thatch Layer

4. Aeration will promote a Healthier, Thicker lawn for the summer.

5. Hire Sharplawns for a  Core Aeration in Acworth, GA because its less of a hassle and not to much more expensive than renting a machine from the hardware store.


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