Fescue Aeration and Overseeding Acworth, Ga

Fall will be here soon, and its getting close to time to consider Aeration and Seeding of your lawn if you have Fescue Turf in Acworth, Ga.  We take care of many fescue lawns with our lawn care program in the Acworth area and Its a good idea to have Aeration and Seeding each fall to repair your lawn from the stresses of the summer.

When does my lawn need overseeding?

For best results Fescue should be seeded when soil temperatures are between 50 and 60 degrees. This is why early fall is an ideal time to seed fescue.  We start with a good core aeration to break up soil compaction and increase seed to soil contact.  We use a top quality triple blend of fescue with excellent drought and disease resistance.  

Can i seed in the spring?

Fescue Lawn Care Acworth, Ga

A lawn we areated and overseeded in Acworth, Ga

Spring seedings are also a possibility but there are a few reasons why we feel that fall may be a better choice for overseeding.   In the spring time there is always the possibility that the seed will not mature in time to make it through the summer heat.  Also, you would be unable to put down a pre-emergent for weed prevention while the new seed germinates. This can make it tough to control weeds over the summer.  While spring seeding can certainly be done, we have found that we achieve the best results from overseeding fescue in Acworth in the early fall months.


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