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Lawn Care Acworth Ga – Turn Around of the Week.

From time to time we take on lawns that seem to have no hope for improvement without spending a substantial amount of money on new sod.   Many folks out there don’t realize that Bermuda Grass will spread and fill in rather quickly over the summer growing season with regular lawn treatment and guidance from a professional fertilization and weed control service.

Lawn Care Acworth GA - Bermuda Lawn Down

Early April 2014 – Before Sharplawns

The Problem: We took this lawn on in early april.  This lawn was very thin, compacted soil and had much winter injury still evident from our rather harsh winter we had early 2014.  Side effects of a lawn looking like this can be strange looks from the neighbors,  annoying threatening letters from your HOA,  your dog may run away in embarassment and it can be pretty rough on the eyes when pulling into the driveway after a long day at work. :)


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July 2014 – After Sharplawns Turf Care

The Solution: On April 19th, we started this lawn on the Sharplawns Turf Care 7 application  program.  It was a late start, but we got started with pre-emergent / post e-mergent weed control in an effort to prevent summer weeds while taking care the weeds that were already there. We also started with a special blend of high nitrogen  slow release granular fertilizer to  kickstart the growth and spreading of the bermuda. The customer was advised on the proper watering requirements as well as mowing requirements  going forward to help things along.  As you can see, with the combination of good maintenance and our lawn care program we were able to revive this lawn by the end of the summer the very same year.  Total cost for this transition was under $300 bucks, and it was a 4 month process to get things back in order with our lawn care program.

How our program works:   Our Lawn Treatments alone aren’t gonna always be the “be all, end all” solution  for every lawn care problem.  When we take on a new lawn, we assume the customer is ready to also commit to doing their part as well. We do our part by using High Quality products, applied with state of the art techniques to ensure enough products are going down at the right time to get the desired results we want.  It is the customers responsibility to keep the lawn watered regularly, especially in situations where the lawn is doing poorly and needs to be revived.  Regularly weekly mowing is always recommended as well.  (Even Mowing TWICE per week is sometiems recommended during the peak of the growing season).   We are honest, and all ways set forth expectations with the program, and will guide you along with the proper maintenance and cultural practices to get your lawn back into shape again.

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