Lawn Mowing Tip #2 – Sharpen those blades!

I can’t stress to you enough how proper mowing, with properly maintained equipment can sometimes play as big an impact on the overall health of your lawn as our lawn care treatment program will.   I recommend periodically checking your lawn mower blade through out the season to ensure your getting the best cut for your lawn.

Why is a sharp blade important? 

A dull mower blade will shred the grass blades, causing a brown appearance.  This will also leave your lawn more susceptible to disease problems.

How do i know when my blades need sharping? 

Check your grass blades first off..  If the lawn has that brown appearance, even after you know you haven’t got to much off at one time, its a good sign it may be time to sharpen that blade.  Take a look at the grass blades. Are the ends shredded and frayed? thats your sign…  Also, take a visible look at the blade, its normally pretty obvious just by getting a visual on the condition.  Chips and dings in the blade are a good sign it may be time to sharpen or even replace the lawn mower blade.

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