Mosquito Season is Here in Acworth, Ga!

Summer is here and so are the mosquitoes.  With the summer rains we are sure to see an increase in the mosquito population this year in Acworth, Ga.  The female mosquitoes will lay eggs in stagnant or standing water left behind after the rains, and these eggs will soon hatch into grown adult biting mosquitoes.  Larvicides applied to standing water that is difficult to eliminate from your property is a good way to prevent the larva from become active biting adults.

Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance.  They also carry such diseases as West Nile Virus and many different forms of encephalitis. These diseases can be transmitted to humans through a single bite from a mosquito.  Two common mosquitoes found in Acworth, Ga known to carry such diseases as West Nile Virus are  the Southern House Mosquito (Culex quinquefasciatus) and the Asian Tiger Mosquito, (Aedes albopictus).  Both of these these species are able to breed in very small containers, and usually stay relatively close to their breeding sites, The Southern House Mosquito is most active in the evening time, while the Asian Tiger Mosquito can be active during the day.

Prevention is a good form of source reduction of mosquitoes in Acworth, Ga.  Eliminating all standing water from your property is a good practice to help reduce the population of mosquitoes.  Keeping gutters cleaned and Removing debris around your property where standing water could provide a breeding site for mosquitoes are a few examples.

Using insect repellents containing deet are a good measure to take when heading outdoors when you may encounter mosquitoes and having a service treat monthly for mosquitoes is also a good way to keep the amount of adult mosquitoes down to a minimum on your property as well.



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